Automation And Drives Retrofitting

Old or outdated control systems can cause downtime and unnecessary expenses. Obsolete industrial components that fail are a challenge to replace because they can be difficult to find, and when they are found they usually come with a large price tag. Similarly control systems become more difficult to service as time goes by and modern systems become more prevalent. Don’t let that old control cabinet, or outdated machine put you in a tight spot. 
General Steps involved in retrofitting

  1. Identify the scope of work.
  2. Collect information on the process and we will conducts feasibility study.
  3. Checking of equipment condition to identify the items to be replaced.
  4. Propose new configurations and to prepare offers for new upgrade system.
  5. Acceptance by customer.
  6. Establish project schedule between intact and customer.
  7. Development, installation and commissioning by intact.
  8. Handover.


In INTACT, there is a ready pool of qualified and experience engineers at your service. They are highly qualified due to their engineering expertise and many years of experience to Provide you with System Upgradation Support.

Retrofitting of Low Voltage Circuit Breakers

INTACT services SIEMENS low voltage circuit breakers. Targeting facilities that have large power requirements and cannot easily shutdown for maintenance, Low Voltage Circuit Breakers can continuously and reliably handle heavy electrical loads for long periods of time. Therefore, these low voltage circuit breakers can be removed from an energized switchboard and be replaced or reinstalled without shutting off power. 
Although older low voltage circuit breakers may be in good mechanical condition, the first generation overcurrent devices used on them may be obsolete, even unreliable, like oil dashpot devices. Older breakers can be repaired, reconditioned, remanufactured, or retrofitted. 
INTACT can replace such out-dated components with devices that provide much more reliable and sophisticated protection.


Mcc Panel Retrofitting
  • Higher diagnostics availability
  • Better response time
  • Different integration methods
  • Reduced cabling and connections
  • Reduced total cost
  • Upgrade for existing plants

Conventional MCC with remote I/O

Digital networks are now widely used and chosen as the main solution for communication in the Motor Control Center (MCC) to reduce installation costs and ensure access to more information. 
As PLC and MCC were most times in a different location, large quantity of cabling and connections was necessary in conventional MCC, in addition to marshaling panels to rearrange cabling from MCC to PLC cabinets.


Smart MCC
Maintenance for this installation type is also complicated and expensive, as long wiring takes more time to be repaired, in case of cabling rupture or malfunction. An evolution of this system is the use of remote units to optimize the cabling. A high-speed network interconnects the remote PLC. However, the high number of connections is kept between the soft starters and variable frequency drives (VFDs) with the remote units, and the problem of the lack of diagnosis remains the same, as mentioned above. In short, costs on this approach are high, so the connections need to be carefully selected, to reduce installation and material costs.Smart MCC does not suffer from these disadvantages. On this configuration, PLCs, soft starters and VFDs are connected via digital network, reducing drastically all cabling and also eliminating the marshalling panel.


MCC updated with specialized remote units
Addition to reducing installation costs, another benefit of the “intelligent” MCC is the access to diagnostic data, controlled variable status and information on the presentation of variables (engineering units, methods, dependence relations, limits, etc.).




  • Special Purpose Automation

  • Positioning Application

  • Energy Management Systems

  • Industrial Communication Component Integration

  • Safety Component Integration

  • Motor management Systems

  • PLC and drives panel

  • Panel Designing by Eplan/AutoCad

  • Identification and Marking systems

  • LV Switchgear Retrofit

  • Protection Metering and relays

  • Factory Automation

  • Process Automation
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