Energy Management Component


SENTRON PAC 4200 Power Monitoring Devices Access to detailed information whenever required – with intelligent measuring systems.

The new Sentron PAC4200 Power Monitoring Device records and saves measured voltage, current and energy consumption values and permits the analysis of the system quality which could cause wear of components. The device can be integrated in higher-level control systems and energy management systems such as the power management system SIMATIC powerrate, where its measured data ensure the required transparency in order to increase the plant's efficiency, optimize energy consumption, and reduce costs.







  • Special Purpose Automation

  • Positioning Application

  • Energy Management Systems

  • Industrial Communication Component Integration

  • Safety Component Integration

  • Motor management Systems

  • PLC and drives panel

  • Panel Designing by Eplan/AutoCad

  • Identification and Marking systems

  • LV Switchgear Retrofit

  • Protection Metering and relays

  • Factory Automation

  • Process Automation
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