Energy Management Systems


“Real-time metering lets you know where you use energy. And if you make changes, you can see where the paybacks are. You don’t know what you’re losing unless you measure it.”

Power Monitors 
A full line of power monitoring hardware combined with existing controllers, I/O, motor control centers and drives for unique and exclusive energy management functionality. 

Power and Energy management Solutions
Solutions including monitoring, management and load shedding tailored to it speciic process requirements while helping reduce overall peak energy costs.

Intelligent Motor Control Solutions Leading-edge motor control and protection devices combined with advanced diagnostics and networking deliver precise motor torque and speed control that helps motors run more efficiently.

Energy-Efficient Variable-Frequency Drives
Solutions designed to help match the speed of the motor-driven equipment to the process requirement to help reduce power usage. 

Energy Management Software
Performance and visibility software offers web-based reporting, trending and boarding capabilities using data aggregated from multiple sources to manage cost, quality and resources more effectively. 





  • Special Purpose Automation

  • Positioning Application

  • Energy Management Systems

  • Industrial Communication Component Integration

  • Safety Component Integration

  • Motor management Systems

  • PLC and drives panel

  • Panel Designing by Eplan/AutoCad

  • Identification and Marking systems

  • LV Switchgear Retrofit

  • Protection Metering and relays

  • Factory Automation

  • Process Automation
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